annual report 2014


Economic Results

The economic performance of the National Museum for the fiscal period of 2014 resulted in a balanced budget.  

Revenues from admission tickets, short-term and long-tem renting, and sale of goods make a significant part of financing the organization's needs as well as a share in profit. Revenues from services sold (602) in the amount of CZK 13,786,224.26, of which admission tickets for the considered period amount to CZK 12,530,843.88 budgeted CZK 14,000. Our assumptions as to the admission fee amount were based on the exhibition plan for 2014, above all on the planned "Noah’s Ark" exhibition. This crucial exhibition of 2014 was planned to be opened in May 2014 but unfortunately, the exhibition could not be opened because of the change in the schedule of the New Building reconstruction. The reconstruction schedule for the National Museum /FS/ New Building changed because the contractors in the reconstruction tender were dismissed. For 2014 we planned rental revenues (603) of CZK 13,600 thousand; actual rental revenues for the considered period amounted to CZK 15,080,833.34. Rental revenue was increased mainly in December due to rentals for filming purposes.  

Revenues (604) from goods sold in the considered period amounted to CZK 460,111.41. 

Revenues (641) contractual interest, penalties of CZK 3,956,285.65 are revenues from drawing on a bank guarantee arising from a contract for work.

Revenues (649) within the considered period amount to CZK 7,092,023.56, of which reinvoicing within the framework of cooperation CZK 2,575,225.81, promotion and advertising CZK 582,570.45, revenue from the Museum’s own activities CZK 251 148, OP subsidy CZK 2,949,912.40. The organization planned revenue from advertising of CZK 2,700 thousand, which was not achieved. Total revenues for 2014 amount to CZK 442,342,041.44, of which item (671) amounts to CZK 357,276,336.96; item 671 includes operational subsidy from the founder, then gifts CZK 1,703,204.68, EU funds CZK 4,341,032.85; OPVK funds CZK 3,831,269.78.