annual report 2014


National Museum's Communication

In 2014, the National Museum promoted its events and exhibitions mainly through media. The National Museum kept cooperating with its media partners – Czech Radio and Czech Television - and contacts with other important media were made under media partnerships of particular exhibition projects. In 2014, a big role in the promotion through media was played fist of all by the website, social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and news portal, which represent the main communication tools of the National Museum.

Other promotion channel involved an outdoor posting campaign focusing on important exhibitions of 2014, which included the exhibition cycle Money and exhibition Land of the Black Pharaohs. Billboards and hoardings along escalators supported the CityLight posters in the streets of Prague and in the subway. TV spots, shown by the Czech Television, were prepared for these two exhibitions.

Compared to previous years, the number of visitors to the National Museum in 2014 was at the same level. Expressed in actual numbers, there was a drop by only 2,767 visitors. This slight drop was due to the ongoing partial reconstruction of the New Building and in the other facilities also due to nice weather, which made people choose other leisure activities. The number of visitors is approximately the same in the long term last but not least thanks to the successful exhibition cycles and projects. The “Land of the Black Pharaohs” exhibition was very successful as to the number of visitors largely thanks to a strong outdoor and TV promotion campaign.

The eleventh Prague Museum Night took place on Saturday 14 June, 2014

The popular cultural event, promoting activities of museums and galleries, has been offering a possibility to visit Prague cultural heritage sites at night since 2004. There were 39 museums, galleries and other cultural intuitions participating this year, opening 69 unique buildings. FUTURA Gallery and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague took part for the first time this year. Once again Prague Museum Night 2014 delivered its main mission to offer visitors a chance to visit cultural sites at night (7.00 p. m to 1.00 a. m.) and provided free admission and transport. Also this year, there was a rich accompanying programme available which has become typical for the event.