annual report 2014


Care for Book Collections

The National Museum Library (NML), which is in charge of acquisitions and basic handling of books for all National museum departments and its departmental libraries, is the central library place of work. Certain independence in acquisition and administration within NM was given to the library of the musical-historical department of the Czech Museum of Music and Náprstek Museum Library, which were historically built as independent – it involves so-called collection libraries in the Czech Museum of Music. In the area of contemporary literature NML continued with systematic supplementation of the library collection according to the collection programme. NML spent a total of CZK 1,600,000 to buy national and foreign literature; the magazine department received a complete production of periodicals in CZ for 2014. Library collections in NM are registered in an automated library system KpWin in the Verbis version. Reading rooms of libraries provided research services in a total of 6 facilities.