annual report 2014


The Historical Museum

In 2014, the Historical Museum opened several new exhibitions in the National museum New Building, in the National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill, in the Ethnographical Museum – Musaion and in the Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus in Prachatice. They were also supplemented with cultural and educational events in these and other locations - in Lapidary - Exhibition of Stone Monuments and Vrchotovy Janovice Chateau. There were some extraordinary acquisitions (e.g. takeover of the Labour Movement Museum), restorations, conservation and digitization of collection items and archival documents. Number of projects (NAKI, DKRVO) in science and research were very successful; participation in conferences, publication activities, scientific cooperation and university tuition continued. 

Selection of articles from the news portal of the National Museum Museum 3000:

Documentation of ÚLUV in the National Museum

Documentation of ÚLUV in the National Museum
The depositories of the National Museum conceal many treasures.It includes a part of documentation of the activity of former Centre for Folk Art...