annual report 2014


Science and Research in the National museum

In 2014, the National Museum employees worked on a broad range of research tasks and projects financed through institutional and special-purpose support. The primary item of the budget was represented by the institutional support of a long-term conceptual development of a research organization (DKRVO). Within its framework the National Museum employees got involved in 50 research goals. With the special-purpose support they kept working mainly on the basic research projects of the Czech Science Foundation, applied research NAKI and international scientific projects. In 2014, this scientific work resulted in a total of 14 specialized publications and a lot of magazine studies published in periodicals issued by the National Museum, and in other Czech or foreign impacted and reviewed magazines. One of the main goals in the area of science in 2014 was to prepare a number of projects to popularize and present science in the museum to the general public.


Selection of articles from the news portal of the National Museum Museum 3000:

’Velvet’ the 17th of November 1989?

’Velvet’ the 17th of November 1989?
This year we commemorate 25 years from the revolution indicated as ‘Velvet‘. It would be a mistake to assume its process was really so smooth and...