annual report 2014


The creation of new exhibitions in the Historical Building

In 2014, attention was paid namely to the preparation of an architectural contest for the project of new exhibitions in the Historical and New Buildings. The General Director of the National Museum appointed a panel of 11 judges and the same number of their substitutes, which brought together big names in architecture and fine arts. In 2014, a new position of the main exhibition manager was established and filled by Mgr. Dagmar Fialová, who manages and coordinates the main steps in the preparation of exhibitions. In 2014, tender specifications for an architectural contest were prepared and also extensive tender documentation. Tender specifications were completed in autumn 2014 and they are now undergoing a complicated approval process within the Czech Chamber of Architects and the Czech Ministry of Culture. In 2014, there was an external opponency of librettos of permanent exhibitions. The librettos were opposed by approximately fifty figures across the sciences and brought a lot of precious stimuli for proceeding with internal and public discussions on topics and goals of future exhibitions.

More information about the reconstruction of Historical building and the new exhibitions here.