annual report 2014


The Natural History Museum

An important task of 2014 was to move the entomological collections and the whole Entomology Department from the unsatisfactory premises of the Kunratice Castle to the depositories in Horní Počernice.  Work continued on the preparation of a long-term exhibition titled “Noah’s Ark”; the main presentation of the “DEATH” exhibition cycle was almost finished; and a scenario was prepared for an exhibition presenting the work of taxonomy scientists. Acquisition activities and care for collections were supported by the Ministry of Culture (e.g. the purchase of a collection from the ISO programme) but the Museum also performed its own collection activities. Three projects were successfully submitted to the Czech Science Foundation and the scientific work was also supported by contractual research (Čertovy schody, Šumava Protected Landscape Area and National Park, North-Bohemian Mines). Other tasks included presentation of curators' work to the public.  Natural scientists wrote articles for the NM popularization website: Museum 3000.