annual report 2014


Care of National Museum Collections

2014 was crucial for the National Museum because of an important acquisition - Labour Movement Museum, which will significantly enrich the Historical Museum collections with its rich collections and scope. Acquisition activities also focused mainly on donations, to a lesser extent, considering the financial capability, on buyout.  These were of course supported by the programme of the Czech Ministry of Culture and enriched the collections from the fields of nature, old prints or ancient numismatics. Great attention was paid to the care for the collection, including involvement in a research project for the improvement of collection status monitoring. The National Museum administers over twenty million collection items – that is also why reconstruction work on the preparation of new depository capacities continued in 2014. In 2014, the National Museum also prepared a new inventory-counting system for collections, which takes into account the diversity of collections, and there was also a general audit of part of the collection.