annual report 2015


Science and Research in the National Museum

Evaluation of Scientific Activities in 2015

Science and research are the essential areas of activities in the National Museum. Employees of this research organization have been working on a wide range of research tasks and projects in 2015; those financed by both institutional as well as targeted funds. The significant item in the budget of the scientific research activities was represented by the institutional fund for the long-term conceptual development of the research organization in which the employees of various specialized sections of the National Museum participated in 55 research objectives. Regarding the projects funded under the targeted supporting funds, they were also primarily working on the projects of basic research of the GA ČR, applied research of NAKI (Program of Applied Research and Development of National and Cultural Identity) and international scientific projects. In 2015, the new Scientific Council of the National Museum was appointed for a three year period of time.

High level publishing activities maintain a long-term high standard (expertises, magazine studies in prestigious international journals, etc.) of employees of the National Museum. It is positively reflected, every year, in the continuously increasing number of points allocated to the institution due to the Information Registry of Results (RIV). The National Museum was ranked in 56th place (out of 220) in the Evaluation of Research Organizations in 2014 (the results take into account the published outputs evaluated for the five-year period of 2009-2013); this program was approved and published at the end of 2015 by the Council for Research, Development and Innovation. In 2015, more than 260 publishing outputs were published; most of them arose in the context of research objectives of DKRVO (the long-term conceptual development of the research organization). Many results for both basic and applied research were presented through lectures, papers and posters at seminars and conferences held in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Popularization of the results of scientific research activities towards the general public is one of the important goals of the National Museum. The employees have been popularizing the results of their scientific works within the outputs of popular-scientific projects (EU, OPVK, NAKI - European Union, Operational Program of Education for Competitiveness, Program of Applied Research and the Development of National and Cultural Identity), exhibitions and expositions. They provide seminars for members of the wider public; they make the findings of the research available through media appearances and articles in the websites (for example the news portal called Muzeum3000).

Within the organizational structure of the National Museum, the science issues within the Department of Scientific Secretary are included in the Department for the Deputy Manager for Central Collection and Exhibition Activities; the staff of the latter was involved in one of the projects of NAKI in 2015, e.g. "Unified Modular System of Remote On-line Monitoring of Environmental Characteristics of Depositories and Expositions".