annual report 2015


Economic Results

The economic result of the National Museum for the accounting period of 2015 showed a profit of CZK 601,956.37.

Compared to the accounting periods of the last years, the year 2015 was more successful; we managed to increase the budgeted revenue from ticket sales. 

 A significant proportion of funds for financing the needs of the organization and also a significant proportion of the profits include revenues from ticket sales, the short-term and long-term lease and sales of goods. The revenues of service sales (602) reached the level of CZK 20,788,511.74 in which ticket sales were represented by the amount of CZK 17,678,135.16. The organization has reached the level of 122% in terms of revenues from ticket sales. Revenues of rentals (603) were budgeted at the level of CZK 15,000; the amount of CZK 10,113,473.04 was realized; planned leases could not be realized due to the HB hand-over to the contractor.

Revenues (604) of the goods sold in the monitored period of time reached CZK 451,605.70; other revenues from activities (649) within the accounting period of 2015 reached the level of CZK 993,613.27. The total own revenues for 2015 amount to CZK 75,971,109.17; the item (671) to the amount of CZK 376,017.629.83 contains an operating grant from the organizer and other specific grants.