annual report 2015


The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures

In the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, 2015 was another year aimed at completing the key tasks related to the planned reconstruction of buildings in Bethlehem Square and the construction of a new depository in the premises of the National Museum in Horní Počernice. The documents of the pre-project preparation were processed. These works will also continue in 2016. The intensive works on the collection are also meant as long-term and targeted preparation for the future transfer of collections. We are still working on the general revision of non-European ethnography, except for registration and physical revisions. We have purchased the storage systems to depositories for the purpose of storing new collection items. The exhibition project "Window to the World" continued with the exhibition called "Bhutan- Country Close to Heaven"; the inauguration ceremony of the Royal delegation of the Bhutanese Kingdom was held on the occasion of the exhibition. The delegation was led by the Queen Mother. The exhibition called "The Middle Kingdom" was opened in the autumn. The events called the "Colourful Courtyard" were held with a rich program and visited by more than 30,000 visitors. We have opened a new multi-purpose hall called "Window to the World" which is primarily intended for educational and leisure activities for our small and young visitors. The original space for the fine-art workshop was renovated into the museum bistro.