annual report 2015


National Museum's Communication

Media Promotion of Activities in the National Museum

During 2015, the National Museum was also specifically promoting their events and exhibitions through the media. In its buildings, the National Museum organized 16 press conferences attended by leading Czech media. There were 63 press releases and press announcements sent out, those presenting exhibitions, events and other activities of the National Museum. The National Museum also collaborated with its media partners - Czech Radio and Czech Television. In the frame of media partnerships in each exhibition project, there were new contacts with other major media established. A great role in the process of the media promotion of events and projects in 2015 mainly belonged to the websites of, social networks (facebook, twitter) and the news portal, are those representing the main communication tools of the National Museum. Depending on activities of the National Museum, the most communicated topics in 2015 were those related to the reconstruction of the Historical Building, the results of scientific works of the experts of the National Museum, exhibitions of the cycle called "Death" and the program called "Window to the World" and the opening of the new zoological exposition called "Noah’s Ark Exhibition". Great attention was paid to other outstanding topics which were successfully solved; for example a poll for naming the newly discovered beetle of the Eulichas species or the cycle of walks called "Walking in the Nature of the City". 

Prague Museum Night

The twelfth year of the Prague Museum Night, coordinated by the National Museum in 2015 too, was held on Saturday, the 13 June from 7.00 PM to 1.00 AM. The popular cultural and presentation event which promotes the activities of the museums and galleries was attended by 48 institutions which made 80 buildings available for visitors.  There were about 150,000 visitors coming to the event. Cultural experience and the unique atmosphere attracted ten of thousands of visitors. The National Museum, Public Transport Company of Prague and the Association of Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic are the main organizers of the event called the Prague Museum Night. This year, the event was also held with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague City Hall.