annual report 2015


Collecting Activities for the National Museum

Regarding the ​​collecting activities, the year 2015 was mainly characterized by an increased activity in the revisions of the collection, especially the sub-collections of the Historical Museum and the Náprstek Museum. There was also the aspect of the gradual processing of the fund related to the Museum of Labour Movement or the aspect of transfers related to the collections of the Czech Museum of Music, due to the planned reconstruction of the depositary in Litoměřice. Works on the new key documentary have continued - concerning the Regime of Collections of the National Museum and all related documentaries. The collection’s processing was also accompanied by extraordinary publication outputs; the key step in this context belonged to the analysis of the research activities of the museum in the last five years. The collection of the National Museum still represents the unique and irreplaceable collection fund of the Czech Republic; the fund is being systematically extended together with the requirement for conditions necessary for storage areas and further works with the collection fund.