annual report 2016


The Historical Building of the National Museum

In the period under review, the National Museum made several investments that contributed to the expansion, renovation and modernization of the museum’s material and technical base. Special attention was paid to projects whose realization was financed by funding programmes.  The key programme-funded project was certainly the general renovation and reconstruction of the Historical Building of the National Museum. The renovation of this unique part of the national cultural heritage, which includes the construction of the connecting tunnel between the museum’s Historical Building and the New Building, was funded by the “Support for Cultural Heritage Protection” programme in the sub-programme “Renovation and development of the material and technical base of the National Museum”. The reconstruction's objective is to restore to their full extent the building’s original museum functions and at the same time to improve its utilization, including technical and service facilities, while still respecting the current historical premises. The new local building interventions will increase the utility of interior spaces, whether these be the exhibition halls or the facilities, while maintaining to the maximum extent the historical authenticity of the building. A unique museum and cultural complex will be created by building an underground corridor between the Historical Building and the New Building, connected them in a technically operational way, providing maximum comfort and the best possible services for visitors.   

The New Building of the National Museum

In the first half of 2016, the partial reconstruction of the New Building of the National Museum (the formal Federal Assembly building) was finished and approved. The construction works were conducted while the building was in partial operation. The works focused on the necessary layout, operational, technical and fire safety adjustments stemming from the new use of this listed building.  The exhibition space of the building was expanded to a total of 2,332 m2. The completed reconstruction work will be followed in 2017 by the upgrading of the interior information system, which will provide directed access to exhibition halls and easy orientation of visitors on routes.  

Jan Palach Memorial

After the release of funds by the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic assigned the National Museum the task of building a Memorial to Jan Palach in Všetaty in the Mělník region. The National Museum invited a tender in 2016 for the architectonic and artistic design of the Memorial. From 31 bids, the committee selected the project by Ing. arch. Pavla Melková and doc. Ing. arch. Miroslav Cikán from MCA Ateliér. Based on the results of the tender, the creators of the winning proposal commenced work on the plans. At the end of 2016, they completed the construction study and continued with the documentation for joint zoning and building permit application, with the completion date scheduled for March 2017.

Depository of the Czech Museum of Music

In March 2016, an open tender was completed for the conversion of the former barracks, Pod Redobýlem, in Litoměřice into a large-capacity depository for the Czech Museum of Music. The selected supplier, VW Wachal a.s., took over the building site and started construction works. The objective of converting the former barracks to a depository is intended to improve the quality of storage of the valuable collection fond of the Museum of Music, and to make it more efficient. The construction works should be finished towards the end of 2017.    

Selection of articles from the news portal of the National Museum Museum 3000

Traces of shooting from 1968 will not be covered by the reconstruction

Traces of shooting from 1968 will not be covered by the reconstruction
In August 1968 gunfire was heard on Wenceslas Square. The target for the arms of the Warsaw Pact soldiers was the National Museum. It is not clear...