annual report 2016


Economic Results

The National Museum’s economic result in the accounting period 2016 is a profit of CZK 509,026.79

Admission revenues, short- and long-term income from rent and the sales of goods have a significant share both in financing the organization's needs and in the total profit. Service revenue (602) was CZK 21,169,006.86, of which admission revenue was CZK 18,924,775. The organization fulfilled the admission revenue target by 122%.  For 2016, the National Museum budgeted the admission revenue at CZK 15,300 thousand. The budgeted rent revenue was CZK 7 million, with the actual rental income being CZK 7,578,292.44. The planned rental and service revenues were met. In the monitored period, the revenues (604) from the sales of goods were CZK 663,955.58. Other operating revenues (649) in the 2016 accounting period were CZK 5,230,900.12. The total own-source revenues for 2016 are CZK 68,600,318.76. The National Museum fulfilled its approved budget for its own revenues. The item (671) to the amount of CZK 449,995,665.60 includes the operational subsidy from the founder organization and other purpose-targeted subsidies. The economic profit will be distributed in the 80:20 ratio in favour of the bonus fund with 20% to the reserve fund. In 2016, the National Museum's economic result was in the positive numbers, and neither was it negative in the past.