annual report 2016


The Natural History Museum

One of the main annual tasks is the inventory of collections, where there has been a fundamental change from the point of view of meeting the annual quotas.  For the first time in the history of the inventory cycle, the prescribed quotas were met by all departments of the Natural History Museum. The results were achieved by reorganizing human resources in the inventory process itself.
One of the major 2015 exhibition projects that the Natural History Museum took a major part in, the exhibition DEATH, ended in early 2016. The exhibition was very attractive from the visitor’s point of view and was seen by 136,669 paying visitors during its run.  Also, preparations have begun for a new natural history exhibition, which should start in mid-2017, connecting all departments of the National History Museum with one mutual theme. 
Regarding the significant changes in sub-collection curators, the seamless handover of the sub-collection of cut gemstones to its new curator, Mgr. Lukáš Zahradníček, which took place in the first half of the year, must be mentioned.