annual report 2017


Economic Results

The National Museum’s economic result in the 2017 accounting period is a profit of CZK 150,448.10.

Admission revenue, short- and long-term income from rent and sales of goods make up a significant share both of the financing of the organization's needs and in the total profit. In 2017, service revenue (602) was CZK 23,202,646.87, of which admission revenue made up CZK 21,479,762.93. The admission revenue target was fulfilled by 122.7%. For 2017, the National Museum projected admission revenue at CZK 17,500 thousand. The projected rent revenue (603) was CZK 7 million, with the actual rental income being CZK 10,817,406.77. The revenue (604) from the sales of goods was CZK 874,024.70. Other operating revenue (649) in the 2017 accounting period was CZK 4,202,801.96.  The total own-source revenue for 2017 was CZK 84,641,490.65. The National Museum fulfilled its approved target for its own revenue. The item (671) to the amount of CZK 587,353,584.78 includes the operational subsidy from the founder organization and other purpose-targeted subsidies. The economic profit will be distributed in the 80:20 ratio in favour of the bonus fund, with 20% to the reserve fund. In 2017 the National Museum made a profit, as in previous years (see the table and graph).

Total costs in the 2017 accounting period were CZK 671,844,627.33, of which the material costs (501) were CZK 19,107,207.68, with CZK 14,000,000 budgeted for operation.  Of the material costs, operating costs make up CZK 14,590,539.50, while other material costs were paid from purpose-targeted funds for science and research. Material costs for operation were spent particularly on the regular maintenance of property.  In 2017, energy costs (502) were CZK 35,568,002.92. The organization did not exceed the planned budget for this cost item. Repairs and maintenance (511), CZK 11,250 thousand budgeted for operation, the total cost in item 511 – repairs and maintenance – was CZK 180,421,085.95, of which CZK 158,128,320.47 was a purpose-targeted subsidy from the ISPROFIN financing programme.   The operating cost of maintenance was CZK 22,194,019.48. The National Museum is in charge of buildings that require considerable repairs, and the organization finances these repairs according to a medium-term plan. However, almost yearly there are unexpected repairs due to failures, which in 2017 came to CZK 1,796,084.04. The National Museum spent CZK 1,086,587.05 of the operating cost on collection-maintenance.  A substantial amount of the repair and maintenance costs is funded from the the asset replacement fund.   Service costs (518) make up a substantial part of the total cost. In the 2017 accounting period, the service cost was CZK 125,612,269.58, with CZK 89,727,597 budgeted from operations.  The cost item 518 – services, includes the services paid for by purpose-targeted funds, and in 2017 this came to CZK 26,669,559.49. The included operating costs: the National Museum spent CZK 17,596,809.35 on surveillance, CZK 10,792,846 on security, CZK 15,560,543.89 on exhibition activities, CZK 9,161,473.94 on cleaning services, CZK 5,635,923.66 on inspections; this cost item also includes purchases of collection items; in 2017, collection items to the value CZK 17,266,402.44 were purchased. Further, there were the costs of promotion to the amount of CZK 3,753,805.70, supplier services for the provision of tills amounting to CZK 2,751,053, and legal and organizational services to the amount of CZK 3,542,634.75.

The National Museum exceeded the approved budget for 2017, particularly in the service cost item. A significant portion of the excess costs concerns services associated with exhibition activities and other services. Nevertheless, it must be remarked that the cost of investments in exhibition activities brings positive results.   Of the organization’s total costs, services make up 18.72%, wages 24%, repairs and maintenance 26.8% and energy 5.3%.