annual report 2017


The National Museum's Communications

The National Museum's Communications

During the year 2017, the National Museum promoted its events and exhibitions via the media. On its premises, it organized 7 press conferences and distributed 74 press releases and announcements concerning exhibitions, events and other National Museum activities. The National Museum continued to work closely with its media partners, Czech Radio and Czech Television, and continued cooperation with other media in the form of media partnerships for individual exhibitions and projects. In the media coverage of events and projects, major roles were played by the website, social networks and the news portal, which represent the main communication tools of National Museum.

In 2017 the most communicated topics associated with the activities of the National Museum, were related to the reconstruction of the National Museum’s Historical Building and the opening of new exhibitions, such as the “Masaryk as a Phenomenon” and “Light and Life”, in the New Building of the National Museum and the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures. In terms of media coverage, the exhibition “Indians”, which the media reported on more than usual, was very successful.

Prague Museum Night

In 2017, the National Museum again organized the Prague Museum Night – a popular cultural and representative event promoting the activities of museums and galleries.  Altogether, 49 institutions allowed visitors access to 79 buildings, in which a rich programme was prepared to accompany the exhibitions. In this year, too, the Prague Museum Night remained faithful to its original idea, which was to open museums and galleries during non-traditional night-time hours (19:00 to 1:00) with free admission and transport. Cultural experiences and an exceptional atmosphere once again attracted tens of thousands of visitors. In the fourteenth year of this event, almost 185 thousand admissions were recorded. The Prague Museum Night is organized by the National Museum, the Prague Public Transport Company and the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic. The event was organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.


In 2017, the National Museum's buildings showed a year-on-year increase of approximately 18,000 visitors compared to 2016. This growth is due not only to the success of exhibitions but also to very good marketing. An increase was recorded in almost all Prague buildings, with the largest share being attributed to the New Building of the National Museum. Besides the existing natural-science exhibition "Noah’s Ark", the exhibitions "Light and Life" and "Masaryk as a Phenomenon" were newly opened. The National Memorial on Vítkov, where the exhibition "Sports during the Great War" was held in 2017, and the Czech Museum of Music, with its exhibition "Music and Fairy Tale," also contributed to greater visitor numbers.  At the end of the year the exhibition "Indians" at the Náprstek Museum was very popular. With the opening of the Historical Building of the National Museum, an increase in public awareness of the National Museum and a related increase in the number of visitors can be expected.