annual report 2020


Financial Management Report

The main activity of the National Museum for the accounting period 2020 resulted in a profit of CZK 11,469.67.

Own revenues play a significant part in financing the needs and profit share of the organization. In terms of activities of the National Museum in 2020, these were revenues from admission, short-term and long-term rental and sale of goods. The service revenues (602) for the 2020 accounting period amounted to CZK 38,692,141.35, of which the admission revenue was CZK 37,537,928.34, compared to CZK 101,638,661 in 2019. The target rental revenue (603) for 2020 amounted to CZK 12,500,000, CZK 9,349,504.03 was realized, while in 2019 rental income amounted to CZK 11,718,602. In the monitored period, the revenue from sales of goods (604) was CZK 1,182,811.39, in 2019 it reached CZK 1,462,251.30. Other revenues from activities (649) for the accounting period 2020 amounted to CZK 2,699,046.39, in 2019 they reached CZK 4,129,849.11.  The item (671) to the amount of CZK 672,293,425.92 includes the operational subsidy from the founder organization and other purpose-targeted subsidies.  

The total costs for the accounting period 2020 amounted to CZK 741,073,228.86, while in 2019 the total costs of the organization reached CZK 962,121,221.95. Of this, material costs (501) amounted to CZK 28,901,867.50 (in 2019 they reached CZK 30,069,617), of which material operating costs amounted to CZK 21,765,441.97, other material costs were paid from purpose-targeted funds for research and development. Energy (502) The total energy costs in 2020 amounted to CZK 52,986,669.91 (in 2019 the energy costs were approx. CZK 48 mil.). The National Museum managed the above costs according to the planned budget for 2020. The total costs in the item Repairs and maintenance (511) amount to CZK 29,533,715.96, in 2019 they amounted to CZK 319,248,292.64 due to the completion of the reconstruction of the Historical Building of the National Museum. Operating costs for maintenance reached CZK 15,872,982.69, in 2019 they amounted to CZK 16,412,935.35, a total of CZK 9,738,036.60 was spent on maintenance of collections, compared to 2019 (CZK 11,039,796.13) these costs were also reduced due to the prudence related to COVID 19. Emergency repairs amounted to CZK 3,051,032.16. The National Museum carries out repairs and maintenance of its buildings according to a medium-term investment and repair plan, however, almost every year there are extraordinary unpredictable costs due to various minor and large-scale accidents on buildings managed by the National Museum. A significant amount of the repair and maintenance expenses is covered by the repair and maintenance fund.  The total cost of travel (512) in 2020 amounted to CZK 2,032,513.20, i.e. 23 % of the costs of 2019 (CZK 8,607,528.42), of which foreign travel expenses in 2020 reached only CZK 906,669,96 compared to CZK 6,974,596.17 in 2019. Domestic travel expenses amounted to CZK 1,125,843.24. The costs represent business trips to the Terezín and Litoměřice depositories, where there are also restoration workshops and workplaces of NM specialists. Foreign travel expenses are paid from a purpose-targeted subsidy for science and development. The representation expenses (513) were CZK 1,624,862.90 in 2020.

The service costs (518) make up a significant part of the total expenses of the organization. In the accounting period 2020, these costs amounted to CZK 225,673,157.91.  Service item 518 also includes services paid from special-purpose funds; in 2020, services in the amount of CZK 26,579,233.72 were paid from special-purpose funds of the founder. The following are significant items of the service account: the National Museum spent a total of CZK 28,314,567.22 on security, a total of CZK 9,676,564.48 on the supervision of the National Museum buildings, and CZK 67,662,986.62 on exhibition activities (in 2019 it reached CZK 55,910,396.56), the increase mainly concerns the exhibition Kings of the Sun. In 2020, the cost of cleaning services was CZK 17,706,762.45, compared to CZK 12,212,027.06 in 2019, the increase being related to the operation of the Main Building of the National Museum. Revisions in 2020 amounted to CZK 13,371,116.97 (in 2019 they reached CZK 8,229,548.26). On important anniversaries, the National Museum paid CZK 2,049,807.34 for promotion services. Supplier services for securing cash desks cost CZK 6,502,130, legal services cost CZK 9,582,704.94. A significant item in the service costs is the administration of information systems, in 2020 the costs amounted to CZK 8,633,664.09. Telecommunication services (postage, mobile phones, internet) in 2020 amounted to CZK 4,362,279.25. Other services amounted to CZK 19,152,836.47.

The total costs of labour of the National Museum in 2020 amounted to CZK 225,721,305.88, including other personnel costs, severance pay and compensation. The total costs of labour also include costs of labour paid for from the purpose-targeted subsidy.

Depreciation was another important part of the organization’s expenses. In 2020, depreciation amounted to CZK 69,752,400.45, of which fixed assets reached CZK 65,236,431.73, software amounted to 4,515,968.72, and costs from small assets were CZK 9,451,339.07. Depreciation of the National Museum will increase in the coming years. The prediction of the National Museum depreciation until 2023 is of CZK 98 million. The National Museum assumes that the depreciation levy will remain as it is. The specific amount of the depreciation levy can be predicted at the end of 2021. 

Compared to the approved budget for 2020, service costs were higher. Services related to exhibition activities in terms of preparation of new exhibitions, the major project Kings of the Sun and the realization of new short-term exhibitions form a significant part of the increase in the service budget. The costs invested in the realization of exhibitions and promotion bring positive results, unfortunately the epidemiological situation in 2020 was not favourable. Out of the organization’s total costs, services make up 18.5 %, the cost of labour 22.1 %, maintenance and repairs 3.01 % and energy 5.1 %.

The total subsidy of the National Museum as of 31 December 2020 amounted to CZK 672,293,425.92, including a special-purpose subsidy. Of this, institutional support amounts to CZK 25,029,611.79, special-purpose NAKI is CZK 17,047,945.93, ISPROFIN non-investment reaches CZK 23,387,902.94 and special-purpose extra-budgetary support amounts to CZK 10,921,359.05.

The National Museum received non-investment funds from the cultural activity program in 2020 in the amount of CZK 42,910,000.

Foreign travel expenses and evaluation of the contribution of the trips to the activities of the National Museum

The implementation of foreign business trips of the staff of the National Museum in 2020 required costs in the amount of CZK 906,669.96. A total of 84 foreign business trips were made. A substantial part of foreign business trips is financed from special-purpose funds provided for research, development and innovation.

Implemented foreign business trips enable the staff of the National Museum to acquire new knowledge in the field of science and research in accordance with the set goals. Real field work allows researchers to work together and exchange experiences with foreign partners. The presentation of the National Museum at international conferences, where information is exchanged and new contacts are established for further cooperation, is also very important. Work in foreign laboratories brings new knowledge of scientific analyses, acquisition of new findings and materials for the processing of collections, and thus the enrichment of the collection fund of the National Museum. The foreign business trips and stays of the staff of the National Museum provide not only knowledge, but also comparisons, by studying collections in foreign museums and thus increasing the expertise of our employees, deepening the scientific activities and prestige of the National Museum.

Labour costs

With the approved budget for 2020, the founder set funds for salaries in the amount of CZK 196,286,655 and other personnel costs in the amount of CZK 1,074,000. The total labour costs in 2020, including special-purpose funds for salaries, amounted to CZK 225,721,306.00, statutory social insurance reached CZK 77,506,052.00.

Distribution of the economic result

The economic result of the National Museum corresponds to a profit of CZK 11,469.67, which will be transferred to the reserve fund.