annual report 2018


Economic Results

Admission revenues, short- and long-term income from rent and the sales of goods have a significant share both in financing the organization's needs and in the total profit. In 2018, the total revenue was CZK 91,555,910.50. The service revenues (602) for the 2018 accounting period were CZK 25,553,412.72, of which the admission revenue was CZK 23,391,381.31. The organization fulfilled the revenue target by 130%. For 2018, the National Museum set the target for admission revenue at CZK 19,700,000. The target rental revenue (603) for 2018 was CZK 8,500,000, with the actual rental income being CZK 10,062,911.12. In the monitored period, the revenue from sales of goods (604) was CZK 1,301,741.04, while the target amount was CZK 550,000. Other operating revenues (649) in the 2018 accounting period were CZK 5,125,725.20. The item (671) to the amount of CZK 688,014,908.40 includes the operational subsidy from the founder organization and other purpose-targeted subsidies.  

The total costs in the 2018 accounting period reached CZK 779,542,573.69, of which material costs (501) were CZK 25,350,506.56, including material operating costs to the amount of CZK 19,443,011.23, with routine and emergency maintenance of assets being administered by the National Museum. Other material costs were paid from purpose-targeted funds for research and development.    Regarding energy (502), total energy costs in 2018 were CZK 40,130,087.20. Total costs for repair and maintenance (511) are CZK 238,119,331.19, of which the purpose-targeted subsidy of the funding programme ISPROFIN was CZK 208,609,774.46. The operating costs of maintenance were CZK 19,653,470.02. The National Museum carries out repairs and maintenance of its buildings according to the medium-term plan. However, almost every year there are emergency repairs. In 2018, there were emergency repairs to the amount of CZK 3,517,002.14, and the National Museum paid CZK 5,553,730.58 out of the operational funds for collection maintenance. A significant amount of the repair and maintenance expenses is covered by the repair and maintenance fund. Travelling expenses (512) were to a total amount of CZK 8,081,452.57, of which foreign travel expenses were CZK 6,440,096.62. The representation expenses (513) were CZK 2,851,023.70 in 2018. The representation costs were this high primarily due to the reopening of the Historical Building of the National Museum, and associated with the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia and the 200th anniversary of the National Museum. The service costs (518) make up a significant part of the total expenses of the organization. In the accounting period 2018, the service costs were CZK 132,001,404.01. The expense item 518, services, also includes services paid for with purpose-targeted funds. In 2018, CZK 18,415,031.46 worth of services were paid for with purpose-targeted funds. Below are some important items in the services account: security and surveillance of buildings to the amount of CZK 33,429,884.52; for exhibiting activities the National Museum paid CZK 25,148,745.56; cleaning services to the amount of CZK 8,472,675.05;  checks to the amount of CZK 3,859,163.91.  On important anniversaries, the National Museum paid CZK 5,616,256.25 for promotion services. Supplier services for securing cash desks cost CZK 2,890,418, legal and organization services cost CZK 3,667,225.92; telecommunication services in 2018 cost CZK 4,407,997.30; other services were to the amount of CZK 14,974,889.41. The total cost of labour in 2018 was CZK 181,809,650. Depreciation was another important part of the organization’s expenses in 2018, reaching CZK 60,040,221.87.

Compared to the approved budget for 2018, service costs were higher. The services relating to exhibiting activities and promotion, the preparation of the reopening of the Historical Building and the preparation of a new permanent exhibition have a significant share in the increase in the service budget. Certainly, there is no need to argue in favour of the fact that the expenses invested in the exhibitions and their promotion bring positive results. Out of the organization’s total costs, services make up 17.01%, the cost of labour 23%, maintenance and repairs 31% and energy 5%.