annual report Prague Museum Night


The sixteenth year of the Prague Museum Night took place on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

The event was traditionally organized by the Association of Museums and Galleries, the National Museum and the Prague Public Transport Company, together with other participating Prague museums, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions. It took place with the financial support of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

45 institutions took part in this event in 2019. A total of 70 buildings were opened to visitors. At the same time, the objects of the Prague Quadrennial were made accessible. The admission to these institutions was free, with the exception of the buildings of the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument, which charged the symbolic fee of CZK 1. 

As is traditional, transport between the individual buildings was free for all visitors. The Prague Public Transport Company had 10 special transport lines ready for the Prague Museum Night, 9 bus lines and 1 tram line. As every year, the central transfer point of all the transport lines was Jan Palach Square. Visitors were informed through information tents in front of the Historical Building of the National Museum and on Jan Palach Square, those interested could use the event’s website and a special mobile application.


Unlike the previous year, the weather was good for Prague Museum Night 2019. There were 150,000 admissions to the buildings that were open during the event. 

The event was publicized continuously from the moment the website was launched. The 16th year of the Prague Museum Night once again recorded a large number of references in the print, radio, television and internet media.

On the occasion of the Prague Museum Night, a special event for the deaf took place in cooperation with Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam, o.p.s. The event was a direct follow-up to previous years and to a cycle of guided tours translated into sign language. Thus, this year, the 10th year of the Prague Museum Night for the Deaf took place. 

The 2019 Prague Museum Night once again brought the opportunity to visit museums and galleries at an unusual time, from 7 pm to 1 am. The whole event had a rich programme. There were lectures, concerts, film screenings, guided tours, art and other workshops and much more.  Each year, this event plays an important role in the communication of museums and galleries with the general public and brings new, non-traditional experiences. This contributes to the positive perception of Prague and its cultural institutions among the general public. 

The Prague Museum Night was yet again the culmination of the nationwide 2019 Festival of Museum Nights (the sixteenth year).